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In addition to the environmental documents, the functional design report, and 25% design documents, this project will also include the creation and submission of right-of-way plans, geotechnical report and bridge structural descriptions.

Right-of-Way plans will be drafted designating the access/ no access limits, state highway layout property lines, and determinations on takings, permanent easements, and temporary easements. To accomplish this task, detailed surveys will be performed along I-95 and I-93 within the designated project limits.


Geotechnical work will examine the subsurface conditions in the locations where bridge piers, bridge abutments, retaining walls, noise barriers, and new surface pavement may be constructed to determine the stability of the ground to support such structures. Borings will be obtained in these locations to closely examine the a section of ground to determine whether the soil and rock and support the planned structure.

The structural descriptions will cover new Interstate ramps, retaining walls, bridge structures, as well as an evaluation of existing bridge structures, and utilities. As part of this task sketch plans will be crafted showing each bridge and boring location.

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