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Functional Design Report

Since the project entails the thorough evaluation and assessment toward revising an existing Interstate to Interstate interchange, MassDOT will prepare an Interchange Justification Report (IJR) to document the need for revision of the existing interchange.

The report will include an evaluation of existing roadway conditions, traffic count analysis, and safety analysis. The project also includes a thorough evaluation of moving existing ramps at the interchange just west of the I-93/ I-95 interchange (I-95 Exit 36). MassDOT will conduct signal warrant analysis for several intersections to determine potential signal revisions or new installations.

Northeast Loop Ramp

The report will also examine the proposed geometrics, prepare a design exception report detailing different speed designs for the proposed direct-connection ramps at the Interchange, and evaluate their effects on minimizing property takings versus improvement to safety and traffic operations.

The final part of the report includes the comparison of 13 criteria found at the following website:
( in relation to right-of-way impacts, impacts to trees, walls, and wetland resource areas, construction costs, and other major impacts.

The report would conclude with the creation of an Interchange Justification Report (IJR), incorporating the function design elements and addressing the eight Federal Highway Interstate Access Policy Points. Once Federal Highway approved the IJR, MassDOT can initiate the 25% design.

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