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25% Design Submission

Design plans provide the documentation for the designers, reviewers, and the public to understand the existing conditions and the proposed project. As part of this project, the selected alternative will include a submittal of the following plans:

  1. Construction Plans
  2. Typical cross sections
  3. Construction staging and traffic management
  4. Critical cross sections
  5. Drainage plan
  6. Traffic Signal Plan
  7. Pavement marking plan
  8. Lighting Layout plan

The construction plans consist of the proposed new roadway, utility, hydraulic system, landscaping, and highway layout features. The new roadway alignment would represent the curb line along both directions including any channelized islands. The utilities displayed would show conduits for the proposed traffic signals or other powered traffic control signs. The hydraulic system would consist of storm water drains, sewers, and water mains, while the landscaping would include trees, brush, and grass. The plans would display the highway layouts by showing the station numbers along the center of the roadway and state highway layout lines on both sides of the proposed roadway, including any fence used to designate such lines.

Typical cross sections show the elevation changes along the proposed ramps, mainline, and secondary roadway centerlines within the limits of proposed work. The station numbering provides a direct correlation between the construction and cross section plans.

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