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Project Documents


Interchange Project Process Documents (4)
  1. Certificate on the Environmental Notification Form (ENF) - From the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs
  2. Environmental Notification Form (ENF) - Required by Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) regulations
  3. ENF Transmittal Letter
  4. Existing Wetland Conditions Plan - *Duplicate document (also found in complete ENF report listed above). This version at a higher resolution for detailed website viewing (26 MB file).
Completed Planning Study Main Report (6)
  1. FINAL REPORT - June 2007 - Single 35MB file - see smaller chapter files below for quicker viewing and downloads
  2. Executive Summary - Front cover to Page ES-6 (3MB)
  3. Introduction and Framework - Pages 1 to 14 (4MB)
  4. Defining the Problem - Pages 15 to 40 (8MB)
  5. Developing and Evaluating Alternatives - Pages 41 to 80 (11MB)
  6. Recommendations - Pages 81 to 100 (5MB)
Completed Planning Study Appendices (7) and Final Public Presentation (1)
  1. Appendix Cover Page
  2. Appendix A - ITF Meeting Summaries (2004-2007) (4MB)
  3. Appendix B - Engineering Considerations
  4. Appendix C - Noise Monitoring (1MB)
  5. Appendix D - Conceptual Costs of Interchange Alternatives
  6. Appendix E - Evaluation of Transit and TDM Components
  7. Appendix F - Conceptual Costs of Transit and TDM Components
  8. Final Public Presentation - PowerPoint presentation to the public (10MB)
Note on downloads: Some files are large; please allow sufficient time to download. Documents on the I93/I95 Interchange website are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat installed to view or print these PDF documents. Download a free copy of Adobe Reader
Be sure to install Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or later.  Documents are available in alternative formats, as well.  To request a copy, please call Bob Frey, MassDOT, at 617-973-7449, or

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